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ArteFactPro Presence

ArteFactPro Presence

Coinciding with the 26th Physiotherapy ONCE Conference and the III International Congress of Physiotherapy in Pelviperineology, organized by SEFIP (Spanish Society of Physiotherapy in Pelviperineology) and the University School of ONCE, on the 3rd March 2016, ArteFactPro exhibits for the first time the tensegrity models "in vivo".

Strategically located but occupying no more than the area of a desk, we tried to call the attention of the attendees and the specialized companies in the pelvic region, like CAPENERGY, MEDICOTECHNIC, INDIBA or HELIOS MEDICAL. We got the attention of many attendees interested in the peculiarity and novelty of our structures behaviour similar to that of the human body in different daily movements. We also had the opportunity to chat with several attendees about the teaching utility of the structures with visual and sometimes manual difficulties since they could feel by palpation, the coordinated movements of different body segments during the illustration of an orthopaedic test or a therapeutic manoeuvre.

Later on, during the 8th International Congress RPG - MANUAL PHYSIOTHERAPY on the 27th and 28th of May 2016, at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, we had the second opportunity to show attendees the possibilities of teaching and explaining the human biomechanical reasoning offered by ArteFactPro models. On this occasion we had a surprising audience of experts, therapists or practitioners of fascial work, who found in our structures the possibility to illustrate the physiological and coordinated movement of the human body at different levels of construction. 

We also received in our booth the speakers Paolo Pillastrini, Andrzej Pilat and Leon Chaitow, who made remarks on the magnificent response of the structures and the excellent craftsmanship of the models. On the second day of the congress, we shared with Sergio Patiño, Germán Digerolamo and Eduardo Zamorano the possibility of designing future tensegritic models of different parts of the body.

We are excited with the organization of our next exhibition at the largest meeting of manual and physical therapy professionals in Europe. This is the COPA Series 2017 event to be held at the ExCel London Exhibition Centre, this year, on the 7th and 8th of June. We are currently busy in the creation and production of different models, together with the proceedings relevant to this kind of event. 

We are also excited with the possibility of meeting manual or physical therapists, who through the fascia and the concept of tensegrity can benefit from our models to optimize their clinical considerations and explain graphically this new concept postulated as a recent biomechanical paradigm. 

We hope to please everyone who wants to test our structures, visualize and understand the biotensegrity. We want to see which opinions and interests might these structures bring you. Who knows? You may not want to miss the opportunity to get some of the models. I’m enclosing a map with directions of our location after the main entrance. Remember, we are at booth 9058, just behind the second "Networking Area".

Meanwhile, have in mind this exhibition and sale of tensegrity models at Slow Life House, in Madrid at C / Salustiano Olózaga 11, ( where soon will be held a promotional day.

"Trust in the tensegrity, the force is intense in it...”

By Fernando Tejero.

Physiotherapist & Co-founder at ArteFactPro

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    Hi Great product! Do you have any video footage of your products on your site or on line (eg YouTube). If so, could you let me know where to find such a thing? Thanks Kind regards Berry
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      Achtformpools mar 18, 2021
      We're a grouping of volunteers and even opening an alternative method individuals town. Ones own web site offered usa through helpful info to your job at. You've achieved a formidable project and even much of our entire town can be thankful you. Achtformpools
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